Everyone needs a fresh start. Don’t you think so? Sometimes you don’t feel in the right spot, you desire the change. That’s what we felt and joined an adventure to start all over again. We wanted to run after our dreams and try what we always wanted, which is to live abroad, in a new country, in a new city. After dealing with some paperwork, packing and a farewell, we are finally in Toronto, our new home. We now can have a fresh start in Toronto!

We are in Toronto!

We are not gonna say it is the easiest thing to do in the world because it is not. However, it is exciting, refreshing, awakening and a life time experience. Some may say we are crazy living all those things that we have behind. A good job, lovely friends and a precious family. It is hard to leave the loved ones behind, but let us tell you that it doesn’t matter how far you live from each other, you’ll make it work! You’ll continue to love each other and share memorable moments. The important thing is we are here in Toronto and a city awaits for us to explore!

Toronto and new blog!

Finally we are in Toronto and building ourselves a brand new life. It is exciting because we are exploring the city, learning new things, meeting with new people. As we are  building our new life in Toronto step by step, we wanted to create a new blog and share our experiences with you! Who knows, maybe our story becomes an encouragement for others!

Join us in our journey!

In this journey, we’ll learn a lot and experience a lot! We’ll try our best to share the with you all and we hope you enjoy the journey with us! Also, why not share your experiences with us? Any story about a fresh start? Any ideas about living in Toronto or in any other city in the world?

We only live once and make it worth living!

Lots of Love!