It’s minus 10 outside in Toronto. The city is covered with snow and woke up to a bright but cold Sunday morning. Right after breakfast, we went out for a walk. A fresh, chilly and bright day greeted us. We walked around for about an hour and rushed back to the house at the end with a cold burn on our faces exposed to the freezing Toronto weather.

I can imagine my mum getting worried as she reads through this post. Now, all she can think is whether we caught a cold or not after our walk on this cold day. I’d be worried myself, if we weren’t dressed up well for the weather or if we weren’t used to being out during colder days. On the contrary, I am not concerned. I won’t get sick after a wonderful walk in this cold but lovely city of ours. However, though, I have this unstoppable desire of feeling the warm sun, walking on the beach with my bare feet, being in the sea. This feeling reminded me of our lovely cottage trip in June. I started looking at our pictures and felt a strong urge to put my words down. Voila! I am writing a post for almost 2 years after the last one we published. A summer getaway: cottage by the lake!

Pack your things up. It’s cottage time.

We were planning to rent a cottage in the summer and have a nice getaway. Monday, July 1 was a  holiday and it was a perfect time to make our plans come true. (July 1 is Canada Day which is a stat holiday). The only problem was that we were way too late to find a cottage that would serve our “cottage holiday” dreams.

We wanted to rent a classical cottage by the lake far from the crowd of the city. That was not exactly what we ended up with. Yet, we found a perfect house. The house was not by the lake but it had a view of the lake! It was in a small town called Penetanguishene, close to Discovery Harbour in Georgian Bay. It was not away from the crowd of people but it was far away enough to enjoy the serenity of the lake.

We decided to leave Toronto on Friday so we could wake up to Saturday and start enjoying our vacation right away. After a shopping run to get all the food and beverage for the weekend, we hit the road. It took us around 2 hours from Toronto to Penetanguishene. The house was beautiful under tall trees and it was facing the lake. The sun was about to set, the final touch of the sunlight was reflected on the water turning it to a beautiful orange colour. A view to fall in love for. We were hungry and dying to enjoy this beautiful view accompanied by good food and the symphony of nature.

Cottage View
Cottage View

A day on the beach.

The next day, we woke up to a foggy and chilly morning which then turned into a sunny and warm afternoon. It was a perfect day for the beach. We knew that there were cafes and restaurants around the beaches but we wanted to pack our food for a picnic at the beach. We packed sandwiches, fruit and muffins to take with us, along with a bottle of cold wine and a big mug of coffee.

There are a few beaches around Georgian bay. We chose the farthest one which is also the most known: Wasaga beach. For some, this may be the perfect spot to spend a nice day on the beach. For us, it was the opposite of what we were looking for. It was crowded, noisy and overwhelming. Since we drove about an hour to get there, we stayed for a while and swam in the lake. I have to admit despite everything, it felt awesome to be in the water under the warm sun.

After, we decided to explore other beaches around Georgian bay and found ourselves at Balm beach. We settled on the beach and spent the entire afternoon enjoying the sun and the lake. It was what we wanted and we were delighted with every moment.

Balm Beach
Balm Beach

End of the cottage fun

At night, it started to get colder and kept us in the house. The next day was again sunny and beautiful but chilly for us to go to the beach. We walked around the Discovery Harbour, played board games and took joy in doing nothing at all.

This 3-day trip was a great opportunity to get away from the fast-paced city life and slow down for a while. Cottage by the lake was the dream but this house was the perfect home for our joyful weekend.

Now, we are looking forward to welcoming the warm summer days and planning our next summer getaway!