If you are planning to move to a new country, there are some questions you have to ask to yourself. While we were moving to Toronto, we have been through many steps, we thought a lot and took our time to decide. However, we believe that it is very effective to have a checklist before moving abroad in terms of deciding the next steps. At the end of the day, it is something huge. You are leaving your old life behind for a fresh start and you can use all the help you find.  We collected the questions you have to ask to yourself before moving abroad.

1. Where I want to go?

We believe if you preparing to move somewhere for good, you probably know where you will go. But if you are willing to move but still thinking about the location, we think it is time to decide. Why? Because if you don’t know where to go, it is a bit harder to choose what to take with you or how to prepare. Ok, maybe you are a free spirit and you want to grab a bag and hit the road. Then do not read this post, go hit the road. You’ll do just fine. However, if you are an organized person and like to make plans in advance, then decide where you will move.

First, you can make list of the cities or countries you would like to live and then find people who live there, ask their opinions. However, don’t forget everyone will have different experiences, so try to talk to more than one people. Watch videos on youtube about the cities, read blog posts, try to learn about what the city can offer you. You may also check the newspapers to observe what’s going on in the country.

2. How am I going to choose where to go?

Let’s say you made the list, thought on it but still you have more than one country in your list. How will you choose among them? We listed some important topics that you have to go through while choosing the next city before moving abroad.

  • Distance

Do you want to change the continent or do you just want to go to a neighbour country. Do you want to fly more than 10 hours by plane? Do you want to be isolated from the rest of the world?

  • Climate

Do you like cold weather or are you a summer person, who craves for sun whole year? Can you survive in harsh winter or summer conditions? What if it rains all the time, will you be happy?

  • Environment and Surroundings

Can you live with all kinds of animals, Australian cockroach or Canadian trash panda? Do you want to go and swim after work? Do you want to go to a safari in the weekends?

  • Job

We know that in some countries unemployment rate is so high, so how do you expect to find a job in such a place? Do you speak the language of that  country that may ease to find a job? Does the job market of that country require a specific education or certification for your occupation?

  • Economic Conditions

If you can’t arrange a job before you go and if you depend on some money that you have saved earlier, then you really need to consider the economic condition of the country you will move to. Try to understand the purchasing power in the country. Try to plan with what amount of budget you can survive.

  • Culture

Do you see yourself as a world citizen, can you live with the others from various cultures and traditions? Can you live in a multicultural environment?

3. How can I go, in which way?

Do you want to study or will you look for a job? Are you an adventurer and will figure out what to do after? Will you apply for immigration? There are some alternatives to move to a new country. You have to choose the best one that fits with you. It is crucial to decide to manage the paper works!

4- How to get a visa?

Do you need a visa for the destination you chose? In some cases even if you don’t need a visa for touristic purposes, studying or working in that country might have different requirements. Visa and the documents you have to collect will differ according to your travel of purpose. You may use consultant agencies and ask their help.

5- How to buy plane tickets?

As soon as your travel time is set, you have to rush to buy plane tickets because every single day it gets more expensive. Still, you have a chance to find cheaper tickets on websites such as Sky Scanner. Also, If you don’t insist on direct flight, you may find a good deal on tickets.

Happy new beginnings and hope this post is useful for you! If anything comes up to your mind that should be considered before moving abroad , let us know if we can add it to this list.

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