The Canadian National Exhibition or The Ex is an annual end of summer tradition. It takes half an hour commute from the city center to arrive The Ex. If you like to bike, it is even shorter to get there. The Ex is a huge playground attracting all ages. It was founded in 1879 and it was known as “Toronto Industrial Exhibition”. In the exhibition, people had the chance to experience the latest innovations in technology and commercial products. They also had the chance to watch the greatest performers of the time. The name was changed to The Canadian National Exhibition in 1912. The motive behind that was to better represent the fair. (1)

Today, The Canadian National Exhibition is a place where Canadians visit and enjoy their time while the hot summer days are slowly fading away. It is a very traditional activity for Canadians. My observations show me that games and plays are very common here in Canada and it is a part of their lives. The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is an enormous playground and it is not a surprise that Canadians love it. However, The Ex is not only about the games. It is also about the food. You can choose from various kinds of foods. There are big food buildings located in different spots of The Ex. You can find various kinds of vendors in it. This is the perfect place to eat, play, drink. If you are planning to spend some time in The EX, you should carry cash.

To experience the Canadian tradition, I think it is a great idea to go to The Ex. However, if you are flexible with your time go in the weekdays. Starting from Friday evening, The Ex is usually packed! You can enjoy the rides without spending hours in the lines if you go there during the week. It is in town until September 3rd! Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance.