St. Lawrence Market, it is one of my favourite spots in Toronto. I can use any excuse to visit there. In addition to being my favourite place, it is one of the most touristic spots in the city and a heaven for a foodie. St. Lawrence market is in the old town of Toronto, which is a lovely place to walk around. St. Lawrence Market offers you a nice shopping experience but also it is counted in the list of must visit places in Toronto. Want to learn what you can find in St.  Lawrence, scroll down!

Grocery shopping

If you are into shopping from boutique stores rather than big supermarkets, St. Lawrence is a great place for you. For example, there are cheese shops where you can find various kinds of cheese. Also, you can shop at the butchers in the market and find rare meat kinds if you like! There are bakeries, wine shops and so on. Also, vegetable and fruits are usually super fresh.

Eating in St. Lawrence

You can do your grocery shopping in St. Lawrence and cook in the home but also you can fill your tummy in one of the places in the market. Our favourite is Buster’s Sea Cove. If you like seafood this is your spot. There are some bakeries where you can get delicious sandwiches, dessert and pastry. Our other favourite spot is Carousel Bakery, they make delicious peameal bacon sandwich. When the weather is good, you can eat sitting on the picnic tables just outside of the market.

Farmer’s Market & Antiques Market

You can visit the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays between 5 am to 3 pm. Also, if you are interested there is an Antiques Market takes place every Sunday from 5 am to 5 pm.


As I mentioned St. Lawrence is one of the most touristic spots in Toronto. If you are a tourist in the city and looking for a souvenir, this is the place. There are a couple of shops where you can buy toque (beanie for Canadians), mittens, maple syrup, postcards, mugs and other stuff you may be interested to buy as a gift.

Some other things

  • In St.Lawrence Market, you may also find stores that sell kitchen supplies and some other grocery items.
  • There is this very famous mustard shop called Anton Kozlik’s. If you like mustard, you should give a visit. There are lots of different types of mustard with various kinds of flavours. I liked the one with figs and the one with honey.
  • St. Lawrence Market has 2 floors, there are more stores downstairs! Just find the stairs or you can enter the lower floor from the entrance on the Market Street.

Don’t forget to check the website before going for the market hours.