It has been more than a month in Toronto and we are getting to know the city. Before telling you the city with all details, we wanted to share our first impressions about Toronto. First impressions are important. They may affect how you develop feelings about the city. Do you like it or not? Are you willing to live here or not? Your thoughts may change when you get to learn more and more about the city, but still human beings are usually tend to behave according to their first impressions. Before moving here, we read that Toronto is the 4th most liveable city in the world. This may count as a first impression but in order to agree or disagree with it, we need to live here for a bit longer. For now, it won’t be in our list. Want to see what’s on the list? Scroll down!

City is full of parks

Going to parks seem to be a leisure activity for Torontonians. The parks are almost in every corner. So, they are easily accessible. Some parks offer barbecues to use, which is a perfect activity for weekends. Almost in all parks, there are benches that you can sit and chill. Parks are really a inseparable part of Toronto’s daily life.

Yes, there are really squirrels, geese and trash pandas in the city

You can see squirrels almost everywhere in Toronto. They are used to people, they seem friendly but still we suggest you to look them from a distance. Actually, while writing this post, there were 2 squirrels bouncing from here to there in front of me. There are also geese in some parks and yes we saw a raccoon and a skunk!

CN Tower is really the symbol of the city

In downtown, you can see CN Tower almost from everywhere. We haven’t been up to the CN tower yet.  It is 553.3 m-high and the third tallest tower in the world, so it deserves a visit, right?

There are lots of events going on in the city

This city is not sleeping, not at all. Every single day there are events going on in some part of the city. It can be an art exhibition, food truck festival, free movie screening, music festival, flea market, pop up market etc. That’s why we love to check BlogTo every time we head to downtown.

It is diverse

Canada is getting a lot of immigrants and most of these people chose to call Toronto home. That’s the reason of the diversity of the city. Sometimes when you are walking along the streets you hear many different languages but not English.  However, at the end of the day everyone is Canadian.

Torontonians are kind and warm

People here like the small talk and mostly they’ll ask about how you are feeling or how your day is when you walk into a grocery shop, a café or anywhere you can think of. Also, mostly they’ll mean it when they ask and chat with you for a while. We are not overstating when we say they are kind and warm.

Coffee is good

We are coffee people. Drinking coffee is not all about waking up, it is a daily ritual for us. You’ll notice sooner or later how much we love coffee but let us tell you that we carry our mocha pot, coffee grinder, mugs and coffee beans with us almost everywhere. That’s why it is important for us to mention about the coffee. We haven’t been to so many places yet but we enjoyed the coffee in those we went.

It is huge

When you come here  you’ll here the term “Greater Toronto Area (GTA)”, with including this Toronto becomes a huge city. Just like Istanbul, it feels that Toronto brings different little cities all together.  When you check the map,  places seem to be close to each other but usually they are not. It may take more time to go somewhere more then you think, especially when it comes to walking.

Transportation system is efficient

What we like most about the transformation system is the connections. Winter is harsh in this city and no one would want to walk a lot to change a bus or subway. Transportation facilities are all connected. You can get a single ticket, a presto card or make a monthly subscription. Although, we have to say you can face delays  time to time! We’ll talk about in detail later!

Toronto is beautiful

We want to finish with saying Toronto is beautiful. You can be whatever you want to be in Toronto, as long as you do not bother others. Toronto is like a mosaic that brings various unique features together. It is beautiful and it is where we want to be right now.

These are our first impressions about Toronto. We’ll try to go in detail with all the topics, but if you have any question just let us know!