People keep asking about our experiences of moving to Toronto. They would like to learn which path we chose and what we did to achieve! We thought that it would be nice to write  a small moving guide to Toronto and tell what we have been through before coming to Canada. We have to say that moving to another country definitely requires time, effort and a lot of will. You have to keep going despite all the obstacles you face along the way. Anyway, if you are willing to achieve it, you’ll keep going for sure!

First thing first!

There is more than one way to move to Canada and you have to pick the one which suits you most. Everyone has a way of enjoying their lives so keep in mind what worked for others may not work for you, tailor your plans to be happy. However, don’t ignore the experiences of people who have been living here for long time. Everyone writes their own story but when you are on unknown land information you gathered from others may help you to survive.

Our Dream!

Since the day we met, we kept talking about moving abroad and living in another country. Frequently, we opened the map and dreamed about the countries that we would like to build a new life. We tried to understand which country would make us the happiest. We made several plans and but couldn’t fulfill them. It took us a while to finally come up with a plan that we were ready both psychologically and economically. Finally we made the move and now we are here in Toronto!

Decision process and path to Toronto?

How do we decided where to go and what to do? First, we started with a shortlist of  countries and cities that we would like to live for a while. Then, we started to think about future. We spent a considerable amount of time to understand what might be expecting us there? We got in touch with the people who have been living in Canada for a long time in order to figure this out. We tried to choose the way that matches with our interests. Nevertheless, believe me when I say you can’t be prepared enough for such a move.


Since we were planing  to  live in another country for a while, leaving our comfortable life behind and investing all the money we had, we decided to make it worth. Final decision was  that one of us should become a student. We decided this way because we believed it would open more doors for us. Was it simple to become a student? Both yes and no. If you want to become a student, you can find couple of different opportunities. You can do undergraduate, masters, PHD or attend a certificate program or a language course. We eliminated the language course because it is hard to get a student visa with that one.

The issue here is to choose the school and the education you want to receive. We thought that even though we were starting all over, we didn’t want to make a radical change. In other words, we wanted to have a life similar to what we had back in Istanbul. Bearing that in mind, we wanted one of us to have an education so that in the following years finding job would be easier to wherever we go. We found out that studying at one of the best business schools in Toronto may give the opportunity to find job after graduation.

Which university and which program?

Before deciding the school and the program, we checked which occupation is mostly demanded in Canada and in rest of the world. Then, we tried to find universities that provided that program. After finding the schools, we checked which documents they ask for.


Yes, documents! According to the program you choose, the documents will vary. However, they all will ask you to provide English exam results. Also, if you choose a program in a business school, they will ask you if you have a GMAT or GRE exam. So one of us had GMAT and English exam results ready: Bahadir. He made the applications.


After the search we made, we found out that data analysis is a trending topic around the world. Bahadir had the experience and skills that made him eligible to apply to this program and he applied for the schools he chose. We won’t go in detail about the application process but if any one wants to learn about it, just contact with us!


After a while, Bahadir got accepted by two business schools and chose the one that fits with our plan most and which would offer better opportunities. However, there was a lot to do after the acceptance, which was to apply for a visa!

So, this is our small moving guide to Toronto. We chose the way that would suit with our future plans and would offer us more opportunities whether we stay in Toronto or we move to somewhere else. We have to say is again everyone has its own version of building a path and you definitely have to prefer the one that fits you better.

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