The CoupleWe are Gulru and Bahadir, a couple from Istanbul!

We are a couple that gain their life energy through travelling, exploring and experiencing. We have been to 17 countries together. We spent a lot of time travelling in the last 5 years and then we chose a new path for ourselves. Recently we changed our life from bottom to top by moving to Toronto from Istanbul. We are here since August and craving for new experiences in our new home town. We have suspended overseas travel for a while but we are so excited that we got to know a new city, new home!

We have been asked a lot  about our moving experience to Toronto so we decided to create a blog and share our experiences to those who want to sail away.  Then we thought why not share our experiences in Toronto and maybe other places that we would love to visit in future, hopefully near future (fingers crossed).

This blog is made to connect to people who share similar experiences, who love to explore, experience and travel, and who thinks that there is always a chance to start all over again.

We’ll share our story with you, why don’t you share yours with us!  Looking for your comments, ideas and recommendations!


G & B